Rent your moving truck with The Storage Fox in Yonkers, New York

Moving Truck Rentals

The Storage Fox offers moving truck rentals at each of our New York storage facilities. As an authorized moving truck agent, we offer a variety of rentals that make your move all the easier. If you are planning to move in to your storage unit yourself, we know that finding the right vehicle to transport your items is half the battle. At The Storage Fox, you can find the right storage unit and the right moving truck for your needs.

Whether you need a delivery van, the 10-foot Mini Mover, or 14-foot Thrifty Mover, our suite of moving truck allows you to find the perfect transportation option. Best of all, with our range of truck rentals for rent, you can ensure that your move will be quick and easy with just one trip. 

Visit your local Storage Fox facility to learn more about moving truck rentals.